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Magic Has A Formula

Marketing can always be improved

Websites require maintenance

Business processes can always be improved

IT & Computer Systems often require maintenance

Smooth business operation require dedicated personnel to oversee each aspect that continues to evolve. Not wanting to know about it does not mean that it is not happening. It happens and you need to be mindful of it. The evidence of neglect in those aspects means Websites getting corrupted or going offline; Emails not working; or your Marketing presence vanishing. Big search engines like Google wait for no-one. If they need to make changes that will impact your Google Ad, Organic Ranking or even your Google Complimentary MyBusiness Listing, they will make the changes.

This is when the panic starts. When the Web Developer gets blamed or the last I.T. person that installed your set-up months ago gets the angry call.

Point is, no-one deliberately creates problems so that they can be blamed. Things evolve continuously to avert security and hacking threats and even then, they minimise the problems – it’s not a matter of “IF’ but a matter of “WHEN” that security issues will happen. This is why it is important to be aware of it and to have a dedicated person to turn to in order to minimise downtime – (not to blame).

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01. UrExec Marketing:

We work with select businesses providing: Website Design; S.E.O; Google Adwords / Priority Management; Social Media Marketing; Logo Design – Graphic Design; Photography; Videography; Website Copywriting & more.

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02. Maintenance & Support:

Gone are the days when you get a website done and all you need to do is renew your Domain Name and Hosting when they’re due. In 2016, for example, WordPress had more than 13 Updates Released! Click Here to Find Out!

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03. Business Processes:

UrExec provides bolt-on marketing for select businesses seeking growth or starting up. There are too many businesses who have never even considered decreasing their cost of sale! Talk to us about steamlining processes.